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October 4, 2018
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Hangar 5: Multi-family Residences – Bankers Hill

A refreshing new addition to one of San Diego’s most historic and architecturally diverse neighborhoods, Hangar 5 stands out as its own modern sculpture. It introduces multi-family living in a desirable neighborhood without affecting the neighborhood’s density or compromising good design and spacious living. The building itself, inspired by its proximity to the airport and a mid-century modern aesthetic, hosts five luxury apartments, including a penthouse with stunning views to the harbor. The four bottom units maximize open floor space on the western façade with high ceilings that bring in an abundance of natural light and together, these units create a monolithic structure that read as one mass. The pinnacle of this assembly rests above the four units, taking the shape of its penthouse. Setback from the street, it takes full advantage of the views offered by Banker’s Hill with two expansive outdoor areas facing the Pacific Ocean and downtown San Diego.

Within the ever-growing density of San Diego, Nakhshab Development & Design created custom apartments that simultaneously stand out in their historic neighborhood but do not overpower the surrounding buildings. The San Diego Municipal Code, typically calling for larger setbacks as levels increase in mid- and high-rises, inspired the firm to keep the four bottom units slightly under their maximum size and then significantly decrease the penthouse footprint in order to maintain the scale of the neighborhood. This strategy accentuates the top unit as a separate element of the building, while maintaining its aesthetic lightness. The style is further emphasized by the inconspicuous placement of the parking structure beneath – making the building seemingly float above the street. Hangar 5 adds a fresh perspective to one of San Diego’s oldest neighborhoods, bringing with it thoughtful density, modern aesthetic and community awareness.

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  • Orchid Nominee

  • Project Address:

    2351, 2353, 2355, 2357, 2359 Front Street San Diego, CA 92101

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Puji Development

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Nakhshab Development and Design, Inc.


  • Soheil Nakhshab


    • Jason Cassity

      We just brought a buyer to 2351 Front. Amazing space.You guys crushed it with this one.

  • Martin M.

    I will admit that I like that there is appreciation for modern architecture but in reality this is a developers and realtors dream, lots of square feet, great views and and beautiful interiors but to state that it fits well within the neighborhood is frankly false. The neighborhood has several large multi-unit complexes that were developed with the intent to maximize square footage on a lot and this project is no exception. An opportunity was missed to create a building with character and instead a large box that maximized square footage was dropped into a narrow residential infill lot. I won’t deny that the building fits well with the mass of multi-family structures in close proximity but with several homes only steps away with Craftsman and Victorian detailing it is unfortunate that this building didn’t utilize a design that included more character and something more than the use of black and white to make the building stand out.

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