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Fort Oak Restaurant, Mission Hills

This restaurant and bar at the site of a former car dealership has transformed the space, while paying homage to its past. The bar resides in the kiosk building of the old car lot. the interior sports a horseshoe bar at the center of the space done in a combination of the brass and glass art deco elements interspersed with more fantastical accents of driftwood pieces suspended from the ceiling.

Located in the historic enclave of Mission Hills, Fort Oak draws inspiration from nearby Presidio Park, known for its majestic oak trees, and its location on Fort Stockton Drive. Wise, Schwob and GTC Design, in its hospitality industry debut, collaborated to transform a re-created historic Ford car dealership paired with a new contemporary high-rise by noted architect Jonathan Segal into a multi-faceted dining destination.

Fort Oak’s four distinct dining spaces represents a seamless cohesion between the old and the new and indoor and outdoor. Each area presents an opportunity for distinct culinary programming and a unique atmosphere and experience.

The showstopping stand-alone main bar is housed in the recreation of the original car dealership. The contemporary main dining room is accented with a hue of dark blue, a nod to the Ford logo, and the clean-lined exhibition kitchen is anchored by a custom-configured, 7,000 pound grill surrounded by sleek, yet comfortable counter stools that offer guests an intimate, front row seat to the culinary action. Additionally, two patio areas encourage drinking and dining under the sun and stars and enjoying the neighborhood charm.

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  • Project Address:

    1011 Fort Stockton Dr, San Diego, CA 92103

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Brad Wise + Steve Schwob of Trust Restaurant Group/Jonathan Segal

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    GTC Design

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