Forces of Nature/Hado by Rebecca Webb

Hado, by Rebecca Webb, is currently on display in terminal two at the San Diego International Airport. In these stunning images, Rebecca has captured the controversy of human influence, and how it differs from natures design. Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Hado, a concept that has existed in Japan for centuries, meaning “wave” and “move”, Rebecca utilized the deserts of the southwest as a site-specific stage to create painterly and sculptural elements that move in the wind; enveloping time, motion, and silence in a still image.

These images highlight the natural beauty of mother earth and the diversity of geographical regions. It is noteworthy that the brief altering of the landscape by releasing the fabric into the wind is a performative act, which is an essential component to the final image. Beautifully displayed in the airport, travelers feel a sense of calm when exiting and entering, as if the movement of the plane and the photo had been choreographed together as one effortless dance.

The silk is so plant, fragile, ephemeral, tossed by wind and swirling in interesting shapes. One feels the transience and beauty of our existence, and a deep awareness of the power of nature. Usually, coming back home to San Diego on a flight can be a repetitive exercise: One walks through the exit, the corridor, down the stairs, heading to an Uber ride. I must say, these images changed all of that for me. I actually look forward to returning to the San Diego Airport expecting to experience these images again!

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  • Project Address:

    Terminal 2 East, Post-Security, Transitional Corridor San Diego International Airport

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Artist Rebecca Webb / rebecca@rebeccawebbstudio.com

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