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October 26, 2017
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Interior Design

DGA San Diego Office

DGA’s new home is located in the historic community of Banker’s Hill, and sits along Fifth Avenue in San Diego’s renowned Mister A’s building. Built in 1965, the Fifth Avenue Financial Centre is a classic example of its era.

The design works to respect the bones of this iconic building. The light interior contrasts with the weight one would expect from the all-concrete structure. The composition of the space is a white canvas with neutral accents and subtle splashes of color. The open floor plan, interior glass walls, and blonde wood complement the structure, rather than compete, creating a bright and airy interior.

A long glass street level frontage connects the office with the community, while infusing the space with natural light. An expansive four story skylight beams into the heart of the office, where DGA has located more social spaces. The overhead daylight activates the space, while keeping employees tuned into the natural shifts of the day.

As architecture and design is a highly collaborative field, it is essential to provide a variety of spaces for project teams to connect. In the pre-function space, DGA has placed a custom designed steel and concrete collaboration table. The 18’-0” table runs down the spine of meeting spaces, its alignment a reflection of the concrete structure above. The scale and location promote interaction and engagement as people come in and out of meetings or enter the space from the common lobby.

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P.O. Box 122228
San Diego, CA 92112-2228
Federal Tax ID: 95-3513927

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