CoPlace Building – North Park

The colorful CoPlace Building sits at the entrance to North Park, on the northeast corner of University Avenue and Florida Street. The L-shaped, two-story building has been a longtime fixture of the neighborhood and has recently received a major face lift. 

The building was notorious for housing the headquarters for F Street Bookstore, but a few years ago it was remodeled by the new owners, Sequoian University. The new refined look included large windows open to the street and a facade of brick and neutral colors. The upstairs area was converted into three small apartments and a communal patio space, while the downstairs was remodeled to house a large retail location and two office spaces. 

The building’s most eye-catching change occurred at the end of 2017, when Los Angeles-based graffiti and street artist RISK (Kelly Graval) transformed the building into a rainbow wonderland which is sure to attract attention from all who pass by. The CoPlace Building’s new colorful facade brings together the residents of the diverse and vibrant neighborhoods of San Diego.

True to its intent, in April of 2018 the CoPlace Building was center stage for the first CoPlace Community Block Party, held in collaboration with Quartyard, RadLab, PECS, and the support of many other local businesses. The block party highlighted the talents of local musicians, artists, non-profits, and community organizations. Through color and design, CoPlace and the art of RISK foster creativity, culture, and community.


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  • Project Address:

    2202-2004 University Ave., San Diego CA 92104

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Sequoian University

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Alexander Favelukis, sasha@sequ.com

    Project Architect/Designer:

    RISK (Kelly Graval)


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