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Landscape Architecture

Charles Lewis III Memorial Park

As the most park-deficient community in the City of San Diego, Charles Lewis III Memorial Park fills a significant park space void in the neighborhood of City Heights. This 3-acre park includes nearly 1-acre of restored creek habitat leaving slightly more than two acres for active park use. The linear nature of the park provided an opportunity to strategically distribute activities and amenities throughout the site. In doing so, the park has become a hive of activity from end to end.

Auburn Creek has been transformed from the degraded channel into a robust native environment that will encourage a vibrant habitat to once again claim the canyon and creek as its own. The interface between active use amenities and nature is celebrated within the park with a series of informal trails, pause points, and interpretive panels that allow residents to understand and appreciate the wonder of nature. Collectively, Charles Lewis III Memorial Park fills a desperate need for park space and habitat restoration while offering the community opportunities for both active and passive play. It epitomizes the City Heights community in the way its offers a diverse and vibrant destination that accommodates all ages, creeds, and socioeconomic backgrounds and creates a sense of place in the community.

  • Orchid Nominee

  • Project Address:

    4639 Home Ave, San Diego, CA 92105

    Project Owner/Developer:

    City of San Diego

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Samir Mahmalji - smahmalji@sandiego.gov

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Schmidt Design Group, Inc.


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