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Cerveza Jack’s

Cerveza Jack’s opened this past spring in Pacific Beach on Garnet Ave replacing Fred’s Mexican Cafe.  The exterior of the building is an unholy amalgamation of bad design.  The enormous skull and cross bones on two sides of the building would have been sufficient to classify Cerveza Jack’s as a tacky eyesore, but, for good measure, the designer replaced bones with beer bottles and added a bindi-esqe star to the skull.  To finish off the dominant design feature, they slapped the name underneath and tilted it at an angle so that both the words and the skull are cropped.  The most unexplainable design feature is the small area of fake worn plaster/brick exterior that sharply contrasts with the bleached white surrounding it. Finally, four large and unfortunately bright neon stars face east and west down Garnet Ave. I am at a loss for how these were deemed acceptable under the city’s outdoor lighting regulations. It is pure, unadulterated light pollution.

Pacific Beach isn’t renowned for it’s great architecture, but that doesn’t mean we deserve this monstrosity.  Someone had a Good Time Design-ing this building, but perhaps they should have shown a bit of restraint.

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    1165 Garnet Avenue

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    Good Time Design

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