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Center for Business and Technology, San Diego Mesa College

The new Center for Business and Technology at San Diego Mesa College provides a contemporary home for Mesa’s business, computer information, digital technology, fashion, hospitality, and web development programs.

Inspired in part by iconic business headquarters of firms such as Google and Microsoft, the facility was designed to feel like a business complex seamlessly transformed into classrooms. The design of the two-story, 60,000-gross-square-foot building features spaces designed to prepare students for the workforce with features they can expect to use in future careers, including an expansive case study room, and several collaboration spaces to work on entrepreneurial endeavors, business start-ups, and product creation. Faculty spaces are, literally and figuratively, open and transparent to promote greater interaction with students.

The design puts the fashion program at the forefront of the facility with an expansive, exterior-facing merchandising display and curved exterior catwalk that will integrate beautifully with the future campus quad.

Interior design elements emphasize sustainability throughout. Cushions and fabric finishes on seating include a high volume of recycled materials; carpeting is made with recycled content and can be recycled itself; and concrete flooring includes fly ash, a sustainable material that makes the product lighter-weight and extends its lifecycle.

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    7250 Mesa College Dr., San Diego, CA 92111

    Project Owner/Developer:

    San Diego Community College District (SDCCD)

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    Christopher Manis, Vice Chancellor of Facilities Management, SDCCD /

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