Cedros Development, Solana Beach

Cedros began as an empty infill lot, prime for redevelopment in the Cedros Design District in Solana Beach. This multi-family development reflects the scale and mass of a detached single-family residence, mirroring the surrounding neighborhood context and taking full advantage of the coastal lifestyle. 

View corridors and strict height constraints prevented three-story facades along Cedros Avenue creating an opportunity to work with the natural slope. The result is a grouping of stepped, three-floor structures, with the lowest level connecting to private rear yards, a public middle level for living and entertaining, and an upper-level master suite and view deck. The units are open plan with durable and upscale interior finishes and large sliding doors oriented to capture the prevailing cooling coastal breezes. 

To promote community, the front yard is designed as a gathering spot with shared garden boxes located among a drought tolerant landscape. The beachy, modern vibe of the neighborhood inspired a clean and energetic material palette, combined with a playful approach to massing. The units play off of one another’s unique patterning of clear cedar siding and a crisp Santa Barbara stucco finish.

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    741 S. Cedros Ave, Solana Beach CA 92075

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    Canter Development & Cal Coast Development

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    T7 Architecture

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