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October 4, 2018
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Landscape Architecture

Campus Point 2 – UCSD – Landscape

This flagship campus for life-science innovation is nestled above native canyons where it offers panoramic views. An extension of the original UCSD campus, it continues the same principles of creating a healthy lifestyle which translates in a productive workplace. A place where you start your day at the on-site gym and a run a mile along the loop trail, take a shower and go to work, take a mid-morning break at the organic garden, a healthy lunch break at the Green Acre bistro, have a team meeting in an outdoor courtyard, and end your day with a soccer pick-up game with your colleagues. 

The 16-acre addition to the original campus includes three phases. The Boulevard provides a vibrant entry sequence under an allee of shade trees. The original entry path frequently misguided visitors away from the building entries; the Boulevard celebrates each of the buildings’ entries while also actively working as a storm water treatment area.  

The CP2 building sits at the front of the campus with a striking facade that appears to transform as you approach it. The entry plaza receives pedestrians with curvilinear seat walls that pull you toward the entry. To the west, the building spills to a playful terrace with views to a state-of-the art soccer/lacrosse field, which previously was a large parking lot. Across the field, the future Alexhaus, a two-story onsite brewhouse, will create the west edge of the pedestrian zone with a promenade that connects back to the original building. 

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  • Project Address:

    10290 Campus Point Dr., San Diego CA 92121

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Alexandria Real Estate Equities

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Michael Harrison,

    Project Architect/Designer:

    LdG Landscape Architects


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