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October 4, 2018
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Browology Studio in Del Mar

Browology Studio, located in Del Mar, is a contemporary beauty lounge specializing in eyebrow design and premium skin care.

Customers arrive at a sleek check-in counter, surrounded by contemporary finishes and organic textures – wood flooring, a moss wall, and stone. The design exudes elegance while reinforcing that the company cares about precision and cleanliness.

In the treatment rooms, frosted glass provides both natural light and a sense of privacy. Additionally, natural finishes and graphics create a soothing environment that subtly reinforces the power of natural beauty.

When the studio opened in December 2017, it received rave reviews; a local reporter called the environment a “pristine, modern studio,” and a “perfect getaway for peaceful pampering.”

The finished design speaks to elegance, efficiency, cleanliness, precision, and relaxation, as well as organic beauty.


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  • Orchid Nominee

  • Project Address:

    12865 Pointe Del Mar Way Suite 290, Del Mar, CA 92014

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Brady Construction & Design

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Stephanie Bostwick /

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Retail Habitats


  • Paige

    Love this design! It’s modern, sleek, and inviting.

  • Deanna Scripture

    What hits you is the uncluttered, classic clean design – the must haves for any place providing treatments! Makes me want to go for services.

  • Janelle Dodson

    I love the welcoming and peaceful atmosphere you get just looking at the pictures.

  • Elizabeth Uyehara

    Browology Studio is simply stunning. It’s modern, sleek and incorporates many special touches. The gorgeous live plant art on the wall, the unique lighting, the private treatment rooms with arched windows in each room are spectacular. From the moment you walk through the door you feel an incredibly positive aura, relaxed and ready to be pampered!

  • Quilley

    I love the combination of natural elements (the moss wall!) and the sleek fixtures. Such a soothing space.

  • Adam Jones

    The calming, upscale feel of Browology is the perfect compliment to the exceptional artistry and expertise provided by the staff!

  • Stephanie Bostwick

    I cannot say enough about Retail Habitats…they are incredibly talented not only at design, but with their ability to read their clients. They 100% understood my vision for my studio, and then some! They helped me create a beautiful environment to spend most of my days taking care of my clients 🙂

  • Cheng

    I can’t say enough about this beautiful space! Browology is modern + sleek but yet offers a welcoming feel. The natural elements are beyond cool, especially the living wall!

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