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October 4, 2018
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Interior Design

Bivouac Ciderworks Restaurant

Bivouac Ciderworks in North Park, San Diego is a place where locals can experience a tall glass of hard cider and a space inspired by the outdoors and the spirit of adventurers. The design evokes warmth and invites guests into unique seating solutions.

Interior details reference camping in the great outdoors including: the back bar shelving, the dining table legs, the wood cladding on the walls, the exterior bar-die, the wood-dye patterns on the tables and a swing. This motif is explored in a variety of scales and materials that when blended together create a holistic design aesthetic, distinct from any other.

A line of custom brass and wood lighting fixtures provide illumination while also acting as a plant shelf. As the plants grow, they will filter the light creating a dappled effect similar to being within a grove of trees. Custom wall sconces cleverly use re-purposed glass vacuum tubes from a popcorn machine. Glass tubes were sandblasted, wrapped in leather and then lit from the inside to mimic a lantern.

On the south wall, a series of ropes and knots run from the top of the banquettes, up the wall and across the ceiling terminating at suspended lights above the bar. Each rope line features a knot, a reference used to name some of Bivouac’s own ciders. The last banquette against the south wall is also a ten person swing. While seated at this table you can see an ibex hidden in the steel mountainscape.

All of these details come together to create a warm and inviting dining experience that welcomes guests to relax and enjoy themselves.

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    3986 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

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    Matthew Austin & Lara Worm

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    Matthew Austin & Lara Worm

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