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BioLegend Campus, Sorrento Valley

Part of the 8-acre campus redesign of BioLegend’s corporate campus in Sorrento Valley includes a renovated administration and amenity building including a fitness center with locker rooms, a kitchen, wellness bar, yoga rooms, and game room.

The interiors of the campus were inspired by the technology and research developed by the client. The four main colors on the BioLegend Fluorophores Emission Spectra provided the design foundation of how to incorporate color into the interior design and wayfinding.

A main goal of the interiors was to tell Biolegend’s story and history. Throughout both buildings, occupants will find symbolic representation of Biolegend in carpet and tile patterns, glass film designs, wallcovering, and lighting.

It was important to BioLegend to use as many natural materials to bring warmth and life to the space, while maximizing daylight for the comfort of the employees.

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    8999 Biolegend Way, San Diego, CA 92121

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    BioLegend, Inc.

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