BioLegend, Sorrento Valley

BioLegend’s new campus fosters a sense of collaboration and dedication to the biotech company’s mission to enable legendary discovery. The eight-acre campus design was completed by overhauling three out of four older buildings along Terman Court in Sorrento Valley.

One demolished building was replaced by the main campus building with an iconic 70-foot tall atrium as its focal point. Its interior is flooded with natural light and creates a beacon that draws the campus inhabitants into the main building where they can access the upper floor labs, offices, break rooms, and conference rooms.

A pedestrian bridge connects the atrium to the refurbished administrative and amenity building which includes a fitness center, locker rooms, kitchen, wellness bar, yoga room, and game room.

The office space is welcoming and encourages collaboration but also offers workstations and private rooms for focused efforts. Within the new four-story building, the lab space features open floor plans and creative office space to encourage collaboration.

The adjacencies of each lab, meeting room, storage space, and warehouse were carefully considered to enable scientists to focus on science so that one day a cure for cancer, Parkinson’s, or other diseases can be discovered, thanks in part to BioLegend.

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