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Ampersand, Mission Valley

When the San Diego Union-Tribune moved out of its Mission Valley headquarters in 2016, Casey Brown gutted the office building and printing plant and turned them  into Ampersand, a creative office complex. The five-story office building looks nearly the same as when it opened in 1973, except the front door has been moved to the east side and the former alley has been turned into a beautifully landscaped walkway. (Frank Hope Jr.’s firm was the original architect.) The adjacent printing plant has been completely reimagined. The printing equipment was removed and an interior courtyard with dramatic murals has been carved out of the center. There are many fine details, including several expressions embedded in the walls, such as “It’s a wrap” and “When in doubt, chill out.” Small sunken meeting pits have replaced pickup spots for newspaper circulation trucks; a beanbag game is set up nearby.  A gym for tenants has opened in the ground floor of the old print building and a restaurant is coming in the space where the U-T had a cafeteria on the ground floor of the office building. The grassy landscaping along Camino de la Reina has been replaced by drought-tolerant plantings. The previous owner, Doug Manchester, entitled an apartment building for the north side of the property but that has not been started as yet.

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    350 Camino de la Reina, San Diego

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    Casey Brown Company

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    Casey Brown, info@caseybrownco.com

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