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October 4, 2018
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Landscape Architecture

530B Sky Terrace

Located in the heart of downtown San Diego, on the third story of the Union Bank building, Sky Terrace provides an exciting urban oasis with expansive city views. This once stark outdoor terrace has been transformed into a rooftop garden with a vibrant mural by Maxx Moses as its backdrop. The various deck and lawn seating nooks are filled with dining tables, fire pits, and lawn games. The outdoor living rooms weave through planting pockets and shade trees.

Sky Terrace provides an urban respite with shade seating areas, bright plants for privacy, spaces for relaxing, and social gathering areas among the surrounding jungle of skyscrapers. The innovative way that the 530B Sky Terrace increases urban green space is a great example of how landscape architecture can be a part of the solution to growing urbanization concerns.

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  • Orchid Nominee

  • Project Address:

    530 B Street (3rd Floor), San Diego, CA 92101

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Swift Real Estate Partners / Providien Property Management

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Alina Talbott /

    Project Architect/Designer:

    LdG Landscape Architects


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