2014 People's Choice Voting

Thanks for taking part in the Orchids & Onions People's Choice vote. Be sure to cast your vote by midnight on September 30, 2012. Only one vote (per project and computer) per computer will be saved.

We are excited to share this new and enhanced process which allows you to have your say about multiple projects, much like our jury! Please take a few moments to read below and learn what's new, and how to vote on ALL of the nominated projects.

Here's how it works:

In the past, we posted a selection of Orchids and Onions from which you were able to select 1 project as your favorite. Typically, the selection includes projects from various categories - forcing more of an "apples to oranges" comparison than "apples to apples." With the new O&O People's Choice choice voting, you are able to rank EACH NOMINATION on a scale of 1 to 5; 1 indicating least worthy of an Orchid or Onion, and 5 meaning most worthy. On September 30, we will download a report with all your rankings from which we will determine this year's People's Choice Orchid & Onion recipients. Yes, it's still apples-to-oranges, but in voting on each nomination, we have a better gauge of the People's Choice across all categories.

To start, click on one of the links below. Once on the 2012 People's Choice Orchid or Onion landing page, click on the first nomination. We encourage you to read any comments that have been submitted for the project you are viewing, listed beneath the photos. After your review of the project, look for the 5 Orchid or Onion icons to the right, just below the project title near the top of the page - and vote!

1 icon - completely unworthy
2 icons - not very worthy
3 icons - meh: doesn't really matter
4 icons - pretty worthy
5 icons - completely and utterly worthy - award it!!

Once you have casted your vote and the icons have turned color (pink for Orchids / greenish grey for Onions), your vote has been saved in our system. To change your vote while on the page, simply click on the 'x' that prefaces the row of icons and cast your vote again. If you have already left the page but want to change your vote, simply go back to the nomination's page and vote again. Your previous vote will be cancelled, and replaced with your new one. Only one vote per computer can be saved.
Please note that you will not be able to see your vote on the nomination's page, even though is has been saved in our system.
You may view either the Orchid or Onion category first. When you have finished voting in the first category, navigate back to this page to review and vote on the next.

Review and Vote
2012 People's Choice Orchid nominees
2012 People's Choice Onion nominees

The People's Choice Orchid & Onion will be announced at the 2012 Orchids & Onions Awards Ceremony & Silent Auction on October 11, 2012. Get your tickets today!